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Calling Card Asia provides you with the high quality, clear and easy connect international calling cards.

We carry only the best calling cards from many different major phone card carriers to make sure that you get high quality, easy to connect calls. Get an international calling card today from us, and start saving! After you create your online account, you can come back at anytime, find the calling card that suit you, and buy the card in less than one minute.

Once your order has been processed you will receive your PIN number(s) via e-mail within seconds from your order.(*) To use the calling card all you need is the PIN number and an access phone number.

* To avoid fraud, your first calling card order has to be approved by our representative. You will be contacted shortly after the order was placed to verify validity of information. We will call you where-ever you are, anywhere around the world. Once your first order is approved, your phone card pin information will be displayed in the order history on your My Account screen. Phone card invoice and the calling card information will be delivered to your email automatically.

Not only did our site provide one of the cheapest calling rates to international destination, we have worked hard to provide wide varieties of must have convenience features. Some of our international calling cards are with NO maintenance fees, rechargeable, PIN-free, and callback. If you find a calling card you absolutely love, You can even move your balance from one calling card to another calling card.

Calling Card For World Travelers
We have calling card for world travelers, two of the finest global access international calling cards. Call from anywhere to anywhere around the world.

World CallBack
If you have access to the internet, world CALLBACK international calling card maybe your best option to get amazingly low cost international calling rates. Set the the origination call number and destination number using the internet form and you will get the call at the time you want.

Cheap Calling Card for Students
Calling home is important. We made every effort to make it very very affordable. Domestic US long distance calling rates at less than 1 penny/min. Or $5 card starting from less than 2 pennies/min.

Convenience Features
  • Permanent PIN option
  • PIN free option
  • 24/7 online store service, accessible world wide
  • Refill through online store or by calling from your phone
  • Automatic refill option
  • inter card transfer option
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Discover, VISA, Mastercard, credit card payment


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